Blue Bra Campaign
       Respecting Women
About Us

Commemorating the woman brutally beaten by Egyptian security forces during the December 2011 protests in Tahrir Square, The Blue Bra Campaign is a non-profit organization supporting women and their health worldwide.

The Tahrir Square incident is just one of the many assaults women around the world are subjected to on their livelihood, health and expression daily. Established by women in healthcare, The Blue Bra Campaign aims to protect women’s livelihood, health and expression through progressive initiatives. Empowering women through health policy and increasing access to resources will protect their health and provide them with measures of sustenance to provide for their families.

The campaign seeks to, in a non-partisan manner raise women’s voices through education, research, advocacy & practice. Giving voice and promoting respect for women by unveiling their strength which is intertwined in their femininity underscores the importance of such a campaign. The Blue Bra Campaign calls attention to social, political and economic issues that impact Women’s Health policy, thereby heightening awareness of women’s oppression, violence and inequalities throughout the world. Additionally, the campaign serves as ambassador to women across the globe and works to send messages of goodwill and hope. With the multiple roles that women play in society, to invest in the health and well-being of women is to invest in progress for all. BLUE BRA…Respecting Women…Why?...The Time is Now!

Our Mission

The aim of Blue Bra Campain is to support the health and well-beling of women globally. The campaign seeks to, in a non-partisan manner, raise women's voices through Education, Research, Advocacy, & Practice.

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